Prior to the Sale:

  • We provide you with a contract that is detailed and easy to understand.

  • We clean, do proper set-up and display of your items.

  • We do extensive research and price all your furniture & collectibles.  In addition to consulting with several appraisers and dealers, we utilize the internet to verify that your items are priced according to the latest trends.  This will ensure a successful sale as none of your items will be under or overpriced.

  • We advertise your sale:  We utilize the internet to advertise at several well visited venues, we print flyers to be distributed to different antique & collectible stores in addition to your immediate neighbors.

  • We will do a pre-sale.   We invite buy-out prospects, dealers, & private collectors to inspect and pre-buy your items.  This will give us a sense of how the items are priced and the response we will get during the actual sale.


During the sale:

  • Signs will be clearly posted directing traffic to your sale.

  • There will only be one point of entrance and exit during your sale.

  • There will be an employee at the door during rush hours. He or she will be in charge of the amount of people who enters the property & will verify that those people walking out with merchandise have a paid receipt. This discourages & prevents theft during your sale.

  • We will represent you and your family in a professional & courteous manner.


After the sale:

  • We have the resources and connections necessary to make certain that your home is clear of any unwanted items after the sale. There are several options to clear your home after the sale is completed depending on the nature of the items.  Some options include:  consigning some of your items to an auction house, donations, buy-out, and/or clean out services.

  • A full list of items sold will be provided to you in approximately 10 business days after the sale for your review, followed by immediate full payment. This allows time for liquidator to close out the books of the sale, including clearing all checks. 

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